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“Krav Maga is a physically demanding and refreshingly applicable martial art. It is truly empowering, building confidence that has transferred into all aspects of my life. It is serious training, great to keep fit and fun!” 
~ Nancy Burlington Ontario ~


“Premier Martial Arts provides a friendly and positive environment for children to stay active while teaching them self defence techniques and ways to avoid confrontation and danger in the world around them. The instructors take a great interest in the well being of all the students and are willing to go the extra mile to support and encourage the success of their students in school and other endeavours.” 
~Brandy Ancaster, Ontario ~ 


“I just wanted to take the time to write you a letter with sincere gratitude and appreciation. Back in February, my son Ryan started your Krav Maga program. I have noticed incredible changes in him since then – and only in positive ways. He is more mature, more confident, generally much happier, and incredibly positive. He speaks so highly of you and “Mr. Wood” and has become a very motivated young man. I have already recommended you and your Martial Arts program to numerous people. Your integrity, kindness, sincerity and support have always been very appreciated. Thank you again for all you have done for my son. I am grateful beyond words.” 
~Jill Dundas, Ontario~ 


“Our daughter has been involved in karate for about 5 years. What has she learned??? Besides skills, she has learned about respect, confidence, dedication and hard work. She has learned what it means to set personal goals and succeed. She has been taught by some excellent instructors and has learned so much from each of them, and always in a positive environment. We have been so impressed by how much personal discipline and focus she has developed as she continues to work towards reaching higher belt levels – she takes care of herself, works hard, sets personal goals, and has pride in herself. Her self confidence has increased and she has made a personal commitment to herself to stay strong and we know that karate has helped her achieve and maintain this goal. She does not give up – she knows that she has to work hard and push herself, but she has learned that reaching her goals is the best reward, and we are very proud of her accomplishments. And we know that Premier Martial Arts has played a monumental role in her development and success.” 
~Laura and Kevin Ancaster Ontario~ 


“My son has learned to be confident, kind and compassionate in large part thanks to the lessons taught by the incredible instructors at Premier Martial Arts. It was a proud moment as a parent to see him achieve his Black Belt this past March – what an awe-inspiring accomplishment! I really can’t say enough about everyone at PMA – they are like an extended family and they genuinely care about each and every one of their students as they help them reach their goals class by class. Thank you Premier Martial Arts – you’re the best!” 
~ Sheila Dundas Ontario ~


“Your program (Bikini Body Boot Camp)is the most effective exercise program I have ever taken part in. With the combination of a healthy diet and a rigorous work out, I saw results in myself that I had never seen before as somebody who has never been in particularly good shape. Not only were the exercise classes effective, they were fun. The instructors seemed to care about everyones personal development, which was a nice change from gyms I had previously been involved with.” 
~Erin Duffy Ancaster Ontario~ 


“We were at your place for our son’s party yesterday. Just wanted to say thank you. Patrick was absolutely fantastic! I am heavily involved with coaching and running baseball and hockey for kids in Dundas and Lucas is one of the best I’ve seen in his interaction with kids. It was such a positive and energetic experience! The kids loved it. Thanks again.” Sincerely, 

~ J. Kozak Dundas, ON ~

 Bikini Body Boot Camp

“Thanks Teresa. They are definitely the best fitness classes ever!!  I love what it’s done for me and how good I feel!  Did I mention to you that in Dec was the first time I’ve worn a bikini since I’ve had kids!”  

~ N.G. Ancaster, ON ~



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