Static or Dynamic Stretches at Wood’s Premier Martial Arts

Static or Dynamic Stretches before a work-out,

Wood’s Premier Martial Arts Ancaster

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How many times have you been in a fitness/training class, and the first thing you are doing is static stretches? The deep bending, pulling, holding, combined with stiff and tight muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments can often be a recipe long term acute injuries? By performing long stretches for 15-30 seconds before a class without any warm up, (aerobic or other movement type sports and conditioning) decreases your muscles ability to perform activities requiring speed and strength, and may cause injury.


Here is what happens, when you stretch out a muscle, specifically if you lengthen (elongate) too much, the body senses an impending injury and responds by contracting the stretched muscle, this begins to increase tension in this area. Static stretches prior to a work out can make the muscle more prone to injury. Stretching incorrectly can cause nerve damage and also lead to poor muscle function. Nerve damage can also decrease the muscles ability to remove waste materials (such as lactic acid) from muscles. This over time can breakdown your muscles which will result in less strength, speed and stamina. This is contrary to the very reason one commits to exercising regularly, whether perceived or not.


Dynamic stretches, as we do in our classes at Wood’s Premier Martial Arts Ancaster, are a great alternative to warming up the body and also getting you psychologically prepared for the exercise ahead. This form of stretching, both increases blood flow throughout the body, as well as increasing in range of motion, which impacts the output/quality and ultimately your body’s performance level of your muscles, joints (tendons and ligaments). Some examples of a dynamic warm up are light jog or run in place, or light stride jumps. All with the aim of increasing body flow and prepare the body.


Alternately, performing static stretches after a work-out can be very helpful and often have many fundamental benefits for injury free exercise. Holding a stretch after strenuous activity (exercise), aids in releasing tension, lengthens, and helps to remove and eliminate toxins from the work-out

Come and try our programs, and see how we use safety and fun to give you the ultimate work-out! Our schedule offers very flexible times for every schedule offering classes 7 days per week, throughout the day. Check us out! We are conveniently located for Ancaster, Dundas and Hamilton residents.

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