Wood’s Premier Martial Arts

Wood’s Premier Martial Arts has been offering martial arts instruction and training since 1987. We proudly service the Ancaster, Dundas and West Hamilton communities. Premier Martial Arts has produced champions in life as well as in the Martial arts.

We specialize in martial arts classes for kids in Dundas, Ancaster and Hamilton.  Our children’s karate program teaches kids practical self defense, in a positive and safe environment.  Our instructors are dynamic and motivated.  In our kids classes starting at 3 years old, each student is taught true qualities of  black belt.  Your child will learn how to be self confident, focused, how to persevere and try their best!  Try our introductory offer today!
Wood’s Premier Martial Arts is the only official Krav Maga facility in Ancaster, Dundas and Hamilton.  We were the first facility in Ontario to bring Krav Maga to the area over twelve years ago.  Krav Maga is a very practical self defense system.  We also have an affiliate school located in Toronto.   Get started today for $29.95!
We offer the area’s best and most diverse fitness classes.  Our classes are top notch for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.  We offer cardio kickbox, power yoga, bikini boot camp, cross kick and cage fitness classes.  Our cardio kickbox program burns over 800 calories per hour!  Kickboxing for Fitness in Ancaster, Dundas and Hamilton is the revolutionary fitness program that combines real kickboxing moves with cross training exercises for a full body workout. Ancaster CrossKick’ unique cardio workout sculpts the muscles of the arms, legs, butt, and abs!  Get started for $10 trial class!

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